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Gregtreize artiste nft

The World Of Greg13*

« Be aware… Our world is invaded by organic and colorful monsters willing to control us. Will you dare enter in this world? Well, here you are, one feet on the ground, one feet on the moon! So… Welcome in my mind. »

– Grégory Fages, alias Greg13*

Greg13* operates an unclassifiable art resulting from various inspirations such as graffiti, comic books, tattoos, pop art and the famous collectible “Garbage Pail Kids”.

Greg13* Physical Art

artiste nft greig13* fine art

Fine Art

Original art

Various sizes

On heavy paper

artiste nft greg13* skateboard gregtreize

Custom Skateboard

Original custom skateboard Paint

Canadian wood

Various models

artiste nft Greig13* greigtreize

Custom Artwork

Original art

33T (12 ») Cover

Disc included

Greg13* Digital Art

Gallery & Collab

Contacter Greg13*

Want to know more about my products or command a work ?

Let’s talk about it.

+33 (0)6 43 45 67 08

artiste nft greg13* gregtreize

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